The Great War (World War 1) is this intersection of history in which all components of the old word collide to create a new one. In those four years following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the world will have witnessed the fall of century old empires, the destruction of the ideas of chivalrous wars and the creation of ever so efficient killing machines.

It is at this moment in time that the 1912 creation of Felix Juven and the Depuy family (owner of Le Petit Parisien), Le Miroir, is launched to the forefront of the French journalistic landscape.

Le Miroir was a widely distributed photographic tabloid who did not hesitate to circumvent the newly established state censorship to fuel the flames of emotions. Each newspaper contains a lauding overview of military activity on page three and a series of photographs with short descriptions in the subsequent pages. Le Miroir are worthy historical documents because they actively forged the collective imagination of the French people. The images reveal the repetition, the absurdity and the outright horror which has come to define the Great War. 

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